"Very professional and courteous team! I have a very tight schedule and they were able to work me in! Thank you Clark Dental Group!!" - Rick N.,
"I was completely overwhelmed with the detailed photos and examination of my oral health on my first visit. Finding a new dentist and allowing them to put their hands in your mouth isn't so easy. Dr. Clark and staff are very friendly and informative of what they are doing. Had x-rays, photos, and micro images recorded for my first time visit. Now my next appontment will be for a cleaning and consultation of the findings of the first exam. Dentistry has truly changed through the decades from my first memory of dental visits." - Kimberly A,
"The office was very friendly and professional. My hygenist made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed talking with her. Overall, I had a pleasant experience, and I'm looking forward to visiting again." - Susan S.,


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I have seen my fair share of dental providers and being in the industry know a thing or two about what makes a great dentist.  Not only is Dr. David Clark an exceptional dentist he is a master in his craft of microscopic dentistry.  And I’m not talking about your junior high science class microscopes, I’m talking about a microscope that can show you 24x more than another dentist showing you a digital x-ray of a crack in your tooth.  With the technology that Dr. Clark and his office utilizes I’m finally able to understand what kind of work needs to be done, rather than leaving like I just took a nuclear engineering test.

 If you are looking for a quality dentist that will explain in layman terms what you need, if you’re in the market for a dentist who doesn’t shove unnecessary treatment down your throat, and above all if you are looking for your forever dentist- then definitely look no further.  Dr. Clark is a forever dentist.  One who remembers things you’ve mentioned in a visit from months ago, a dentist that provides the quality of work on you that he would give his own family members.

 There is much to be said about a dental provider who has patients flying in from all over the United States for treatment.  He loves what he does so much he has contributed immensely to the dental industry with his lectures, his writings and with inventing the Bioclear Matrix system, which is a composite restoration like something you have never seen before.

Now that you have read this review I think you owe yourself the favor by calling this office and scheduling an appointment!!

Christine R-

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I always have good visits. No complaints. Dr. and all the staff are wonderful. Thank you!

Lisa L-  

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I enjoy arriving a little early and chit chat with some of the staff about things happening in our lives - the atmosphere is incredibly welcoming, at all time. Today, I experienced yet another extremely pleasant procedure being done. During this procedure, I listened to the way Dr. Clark spoke with me, as well as his staff. This man couldn’t be more professional at any level.

His continued education, not only to his patients as to what is taking place, but to his team members as well. He explains everything with such finesse that it’s easily understood.  To me, this is truly the mark of a professional that is compassionate and that genuinely cares about his patients and their well being.

Thanks to his professionalism and his staff’s - I proudly smile with the best dental work I’ve ever had and I gladly and whole heartily recommend his team to anyone who is in need of superior and quality work.   

Adam G-