"I always feel like I get great service." - Jeff K.,
"I had a wonderful experience today at Clark Dental! Dr. Clark and his assistant Krista were very professional and friendly. The young lady at the front desk was very welcoming. The dental hygienist Kaylee was the best (she is my granddaughter)! They were all very knowledgable and thorough in their professions." - Lodema M.,
"Dr. Clark provided extra special care for my sister who has dementia. Not only did he listen and understand our needs, but his entire team was incredibly patient and kind to my sister. I highly recommend Dr. Clark for anyone looking for top dental care." - Jeffrey S.,

The Story of Two Sisters

Sydney before and after


Willow before and after face


Sydney and Willow are 14 year old identical twins who had small teeth in general, but most importantly severely undersized Peg Laterals.

sydney img

They came to Dr. Clark after they had completed their Orthodontic treatment. The girls were insecure about the small size of their teeth, and the spaces between them. Dr. Clark enhanced all six of their upper teeth filling in all excess space and creating a beautiful natural form to their teeth that are also proportionate to the size and shape of their face. Dr. Clark used Bioclear Matrix, a composite injection molding system.

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sister story

Sisters img

Sydney and Willow feel so confident and proud to show their amazing smile now. Kara, the girl's mother, said "I am thrilled for my daughters that, as young women, they will benefit from this confidence. Finding Dr. Clark was such a blessing, we can't begin to say enough about our experience, and the positive long lasting effects this will have on the girls life".